CMH flu expert applauds school for closing

Hilda Lahti Elementary shuts doors to stop flu outbreak

Flu treatment at Columbia Memorial Hospital, Astoria, OregonThe Daily Astorian reported that 43 percent of students at Hilda Lahti Elementary were home sick, prompting school officials to cancel class for kindergarten through sixth grade.

CMH infection preventionist Kendra Gohl, said the flu has been more common this year and has hit young children hard. Fortunately, most youngsters who have come to the hospital, urgent care or clinics with flu are well enough to be treated and sent home.

If you think you might have the flu then seek care with your primary care provider, one of our Urgent Care Clinics, or our Virtual Clinic. If antivirals are started within 48 hours of symptoms, then length of illness and severity of symptoms can be drastically reduced.

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