Chris Hogan: 25 years at CMH

Chris Hogan, RN is a multifaceted and talented individual beloved by the ED staff. Unbeknownst to some, before Chris was the dynamic ED nurse that he is today, he was a rock ‘n roll musician, touring in a band called Tracer. Not only can he sing, but he can play (and owns) a multitude of instruments. In fact, Chris was originally brought to the field of nursing by Steve and Molly Meyer, Chris Hoganwho were followers of his band. His love of nursing and music is shared with his wife of 26 years, Deanna. When not at work or playing music, he can be found sailing, hiking with his dog, Cooper, or enjoying his flock of redheaded grandchildren. 

Throughout his career, Chris has performed many roles in nursing. He worked as a psychiatric nurse and nursing supervisor, but found his home in the ED. 

Chris exemplifies the skills that you hope to find in an excellent ED nurse: hardworking, skilled at procedures, strong assessments and committed to staying current in this ever-changing field. He cares for his patients with compassion and decency, respecting patients’ dignity. His nursing practice is a shining example of patient-centered care … and humanity at its best.

Coworkers say that every day they work with Chris, they have a better day. His type of nursing cannot be taught. It comes from the heart and from years of being seasoned to perfection. Thank you for 25 years!

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