Bringing specialized vascular surgery close to home

Dr. Robert McLafferty and Dr. Camilo Rosales

Dr. Robert McLafferty, vascular surgeon, (left) and Dr. Camilo Rosales, general surgeon (right).

Cutting-edge care

By Felicia Struve, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Across the CMH system, our medical teams have been upgrading their techniques, technologies and processes. 

“We’re constantly looking to bring innovative new technology and procedures to our community,” says Jeanette Schacher, director of the CMH Medical Group. “Here at CMH, we’re able to do most routine surgeries that you would find in a bigger city — and with the same level of quality, both from the surgeon and the technology.”

Bringing specialized vascular surgery close to home

Vascular surgeons evaluate and treat all blood vessel problems, excluding those of the heart or brain. Many vascular conditions can be treated locally. In situations where a surgery should be done in Portland, seeing a vascular surgeon close to home will save you at least three pre- and post-surgery visits there.

General surgeon Camilo Rosales, MD, started his practice in 1989, doing both vascular surgery and general surgery. After joining CMH, he continued to do some minor vascular surgery, including varicose vein surgery. He has offered patients relief from varicose veins for several years, using minimally invasive techniques, such as radiofrequency ablation (using radio waves to close off a vein) and transilluminated phlebectomy (to light up and remove a vein), as well as nonsurgical sclerotherapy injections to shrink spider veins.

In 2020, Dr. Rosales was joined by Robert McLafferty, MD, from OHSU, who is building a comprehensive vascular surgery program at CMH. Together, they bring much-needed vascular services to our community. 

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