Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy in Plain Language

Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) helps people get the medical care they need. Many people struggle to afford necessary medical care. You may be eligible to receive a partial or full discount off the cost of your care at CMH.

This webpage summarizes the CMH Financial Assistance Policy.

What is covered?

Financial assistance is for emergency or necessary care provided by CMH. The care must be reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or injury. Financial assistance does not cover elective services or procedures.

Eligibility Requirements:

CMH decides who qualifies for financial assistance by reviewing your:

  • Signed Financial Assistance Application.
  • Your tax returns, bank statements and pay stubs, which show how much your family earns and spends.
  • Your family size.
  • Any insurance coverage or other means of paying available to you.

If you qualify for financial assistance, you will be charged the same or less than the amount generally billed to CMH’s top payers. Then, depending on your household income, you may also receive a discount on your bill.

Discounts generally range from 65% to 100% off. Your discount depends on how much your family earns and if you have other means of paying.

In general, if your household income is less than three times the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you qualify for a 100% discount. And, if your household income is between three and four times the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you’d qualify for a 65% discount.

How to Apply:

If you are struggling to pay for medical expenses, we encourage you to apply for help. You may be eligible for assistance, even if you don’t qualify for other programs.

Applying is free. To apply for financial assistance, fill out and return an application to CMH. Your application should include tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements.

You can get an application from:

If English is not your first language, this form and the Financial Assistance Policy are available in Spanish.

Other Financial Assistance Available

  • Insurance coverage may be available to you. A CMH financial counselor can help determine eligibility and enroll you in Medicaid.
  • Prompt pay discounts. CMH also offers discounts for people who pay within 30 days of getting their bill.
  • Uninsured discounts. If we don’t have insurance information for you, your bill should show a discount. Contact Financial Counseling if you have any questions.
  • Payment plans and financing by AccessOne can help you pay your medical bill over a few months.
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