Astoria girl makes hats for surgery patients in Guatemala

Keturah Jackson’s hats will be donated in Central America this spring

By Sarah Bello

In late 2018, 10-year-old Astorian Keturah Jackson decided to give the world a Christmas gift. Before December, her church encouraged members to let their lights shine in serving the world and their community throughout the month.

Keturah Jackson

Keturah Jackson on a recent hike with her family.

One week emphasized lighting the world, the next — lighting your community, followed by lighting your family and lighting your faith. Dawn Jackson, Keturah’s mother, said her daughter was initially disappointed by the ideas suggested by the church. Everything seemed to be geared toward adults. 

“She was discouraged,” Dawn says.

Kristen Moss, CMH’s Planetree and Organizational Development Specialist, attends church with the Jacksons, and while at the church meeting, thought of something Keturah could participate in with the hospital. Another CMH caregiver will be going to Guatemala this spring on a medical missions trip. He’ll bring hats with him to give to surgery patients. 

Kristen thought Keturah could help by making a few hats. Another woman volunteered extra fleece fabric she had from another project, so it was settled. Keturah was determined to help the world by making the hats. 

CMH Caregivers

Some CMH caregivers including Kristen Moss, center, tried on Keturah’s hats for a quick photo.

“She likes projects, and she’s pretty dedicated,” says her mom. “When she decides she’s going to work on a project, she plans it all out.”

Since sewing seemed daunting, Keturah and her mom found a no-sew pattern on the internet to create the hats. In all, she made 11 that will soon travel to Guatemala. 

With this being the first year Keturah was able to participate in her church’s service on her own, she was excited to contribute. 

“It makes me feel good that I’m helping other people,” she says. 

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