Local art featured in Seaside Clinic

Kyla Sjogren Art "Either Way"

Art by several South Clatsop County artists plays a large part in creating the healing environment in the new CMH Medical Group — Seaside, which opened in mid-February, 2020. These commissioned pieces reflect the spirit of the community and CMH’s person-centered values. One of the artists, Seaside resident Kyla Sjogren, created the fiber art piece “Either Way,” which she describes below:Kyla Sjogren

This piece was woven with the composition of a horizon. As a resident of the North Coast, I am rejuvenated by the wide expanse of where land meets the ocean and catapults skyward. Although the seasons, colors and textures change, coastal landscapes provide me with a sense of belonging and understanding in this fast world.

As an artist who uses plant dyes and natural fibers to paint, I decided to weave an undulating twill as a weave structure.

Kyla Sjogren's fiber art piece "Either Way."

Kyla Sjogren’s fiber art piece “Either Way” was created for the CMH Medical Group – Seaside.

The twill looks like wave patterns created by wind, water and sand. The yellow portion of the weave has been manipulated by hand to give visual texture. In contrast to the yellow orange, the blue green and white yarn has been woven in a more traditional manner.

The materials used are just as important in the creation process. The fibers used are handspun wool and cotton. I incorporated copper sparingly for a hidden shimmer. All the yarn has been dyed with plant dyes — the yellow with an Osage tree; the orange with madder; the green with both Osage and indigo; and the blue with indigo.

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