An ancient path to peace

By Sarah Bello

You’re invited to explore our newest addition — the CMH Health and Wellness Park! The park is open to you and your family. It includes a labyrinth, picnic tables, benches and a grassy area for yoga, tai chi or other outdoor activities. 

LabyrinthWe are especially proud of the labyrinth and encourage you to walk its path. 

“A labyrinth is an ancient spiritual symbol that relates to wholeness and has been used as a tool for meditation and prayer for centuries. The labyrinth guides you into the center and then back out again. Walking the labyrinth can be a spiritual experience, as well as an opportunity for soul growth and development,” says CMH’s chaplain, Deaconess Greta Bernhardt.

Walking a labyrinth while focusing on something specific has been shown to help people feel a sense of calmness, to reduce their heart rate and blood pressure, and to feel happier and less stressed. If you’re unsure how to walk the labyrinth, here are some ideas: 

  • At the beginning, focus on something that brings you joy — perhaps an image, poem, quote, prayer or song. 
  • Then, walk mindfully, placing your feet one in front of the other. 
  • At the center, pause, breathe deeply, and observe what you’re feeling in that moment.
  • As you return to the beginning, focus your mind again on joy.

We hope that spending time in the park and labyrinth brings you peace and relaxation. Please, take some time to experience the CMH Health and Wellness Park between the main hospital and the CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative. 

The park is a location on Facebook and Instagram, so take a selfie or group photo and tag it. We’d love to see your pictures! 

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More