Aaron Hallock, Junior Systems Administrator

Aaron Hallock, Junior Systems Administrator

Celebrating the IT professionals at CMH

September 17 is National IT Professionals Day, celebrating our IT coworkers who configure solutions, provide desktop support and assist us with many forms of technology when we’re at our wits’ end. Get to know some of the CMH IT team a little better.

By Sarah Bello, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Aaron Hallock built his first computer when he was 21. 

As a young adult in Missouri, he applied for a job at a “mom and pop” electronics shop. To get the job, the owners asked him to build a computer from scratch within an hour. He completed the task and was offered the position. He’s been working with computers almost ever since.

Hallock is mostly self-taught. He went to college to earn an IT certification, but when he had to leave to take care of family members, he never took the tests. Eventually, he earned an associate’s degree in network administration.

Now the junior systems administrator at CMH, Hallock is originally from California. He worked there and in Missouri before moving up to Oregon in 2011, when he started as an intern in desktop support at CMH. About nine months after his internship, he was hired on permanently as a desktop support technician. 

Seven years later, he is a few months into his job in systems administration. He takes care of incoming ticketes, helps with file permissions requests, works on process improvements, and creates accounts for new hires. Each user requires four to five different accounts made manually, one-by-one. With close to 700 caregivers (and more added every month), he hopes to find a way to automate the process soon.

“Sometimes the job takes time and patience,” Hallock says, “but I enjoy trying to figure out new technology. I also like being able to help people.”

In his time away from work, Hallock likes playing video games with his family, camping and traveling. He and his family recently returned from a 5,000 mile road trip to Missouri that included stops at Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore.