A CMH love story

CMH caregivers celebrate many years together

By Sarah Bello, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Chris and Deanna Hogan on their bicycling honeymoon in 1992.

With Valentine’s Day this week, one half of married CMH caregivers Deanna and Chris Hogan reflected on their relationship. The two, together since 1991 and married since June of 1992, may never have met save for a mutual friend, Steve Meyer, who worked in the CMH Emergency Department with Deanna.

After meeting at a barbeque at Steve’s home in the early 90s, Deanna and Chris became friends. Later, they played music together in an early iteration of their band. 

“At that time, Chris worked in Silverton and lived in Salem, so he commuted when we started dating in 1991,” Deanna says.

With no CMH positions open at the time, Chris eventually secured a job at Providence Seaside Hospital, allowing them to continue dating without the distance. 

Chris and Deanna Hogan on a more recent bicycle ride.

In 1993, Chris finally got a position at CMH as the night shift house supervisor. Several years down the road, in 2006, he began working in the ED. Since Deanna is a nurse and patient care coordinator there, they occasionally get to work together. With their similar jobs, she says that works well.

At home, “it’s nice to be able to vent about a difficult day at work and know the other person understands,” Deanna says.

When they aren’t working, Deanna and Chris enjoy biking (their honeymoon was bicycling across the state for Cycle Oregon) and playing in their ban with other ED caregivers. In June, the two will celebrate their 27th anniversary.

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