11 ways to be an engaged patient

By Planetree

  1. Ask for care instructions to be provided to you in writing — or in pictures and infographics. 
  2. Document your wishes for end-of-life care. And encourage your loved ones to do so, as well.Planetree
  3. Identify your daily routine — the time your meds are taken, times you wake and go to sleep, preferred bathing times — and ask that these be honored.
  4. Ask to see your medical record. And, if you don’t understand something in it, ask questions until you do.
  5. Sign on to your patient portal. When you read something you know is not right, ask to have it corrected.
  6. When you receive exceptional care, let the highest levels of the organization know. Be as specific as you can.
  7. When you have concerns about your care, speak up in the moment.
  8. Ask how you can get involved in the Patient and Family Advisory Council. 
  9. If your care provider uses language you don’t understand, ask them to repeat themselves in different words. 
  10. Complete patient satisfaction surveys honestly and constructively. Take the time to answer open-ended questions.
  11. Tell your care provider how you would define a quality outcome — in your own terms (for instance, being able to walk up a flight of stairs, being able to play with your grandchildren without getting winded, etc.).

For 39 more ways to be an engaged patient, visit planetree.org

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